Social Security Identity Theft Protection Tips

As most people know, identity theft is running rampant throughout the United States. More than 9 million individuals are victims of this crime every year. The one piece of information an ID thief needs to steal another person’s identity is that person’s Social Security number (SSN). Fortunately for hard-working Americans, there are steps to take regarding Social Security identity theft protection, and the following article will provide those steps so that fewer people are affected by this sinister crime.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- The people who steal others’ Social Security numbers to use for their own gain are identity thieves. The damage they do by fraudulently using another person’s data to set up utility accounts, take out loans for houses, and obtain credit cards is unbelievable. The innocent victim’s credit score becomes injured almost beyond repair, causing difficulty for that person to get financial assistance to repair a leaking roof, for example. Luckily, Social Security theft protection is something every person can do for themselves, and here are some suggestions to help them.

First and foremost, never, ever share one’s Social Security number with anyone else, nor should one disclose a child’s SSN. Even if a person is a trusted family member or friend, keep that information close to the vest. Most identity theft of children is committed by those same people, who aren’t intentionally perpetrating a crime; they might just need to open a utility account in someone else’s name until they can pay off the bills in their own name. Often, the theft of an adult’s SSN is also executed by a friend or family member, usually for the same reason, but sometimes to get a loan for an automobile or other costly item that their own credit score prevents them from obtaining. Send Request to Protect Your Social Security number Against Identity Theft

Secondly, do not carry one’s Social Security number on one’s person. Identity thieves have no compunction about grabbing a purse or wallet and running with it. Once that thief has the wallet with a SSN inside of it, he can begin to use it to set up fraudulent accounts or to tamper with the victim’s current accounts. Leave Social Security cards in a hidden safe in one’s home for the best Social Security identity theft protection. Be sure to shred any documents that may contain one’s SSN, as thieves are not above “dumpster diving” – that is, going through nearby dumpsters to find official-looking documents that might give them enough information to steal someone’s identity. Use some common sense to prevent becoming a victim of ID theft.

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