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The World's First in-Depth Book on Social Skills Finally Released


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Achievement in modern times doesn’t come through brute strength, privileged educational opportunities or titles. Success depends upon forming positive relationships with the people in life.

To accomplish results in the personal and professional life, social interaction exchanges are very vital these days. If time hasn't been invested in developing “social skills,” there won’t be much progress in anybody's life and career.

Social skill is the new modern skill set of success, love, and happiness.

Yet, unfortunately, social skills are on the decline. Many people believe there is a direct relationship in the decline of social skills and the rise of technology.

According the Pew Research Center, in 2013 91% of all US adults owned a mobile phone. Despite our increased access to communicate, many people find it increasingly difficult to relate to others.

Why are social skills are becoming a lost art form?

The pervasiveness of mobile devices and social media have whittled away at many of our social interactions. Bringing conversations down to just 140 characters or less, doesn’t often leave room for “please” and “thank you.” Authentic conversations seldom take place in these increasingly brief encounters.

However, it's more than just a lost of etiquette with the lack of face-to-face communication. Conversations taking place at a keypad don’t give much as the opportunity to practice reading and understanding facial expressions and body language. Recognizing and responding to these physical cues is key to effectively communicating and developing relationships.

As technology continues to advance, the world becomes a much smaller place and cultural collision are increasingly transparent. Mastering good social skills is crucial to navigating the social challenges that come with a new global society. Thankfully, social skills can be learned.
Social Skills,” by Gabriel Angelo, is the first complete in-depth book on this topic of social skills, no longer just for children.

The book brings a fresh new unique approach to improving people's social standing, fully researched rooted in the psychology and science of human interaction, on top of Gabriel’s knowledge giving it practical “how-to” applications. Hence, “Social Skills” goes beyond theory and shows anybody exactly how to apply their new skills in social situations.

The book details straightforward social strategies and tips for a recipe of success in both the professional and personal life.

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