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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- For those who are wondering what social bombing actually involves, the first step usually revolves around the steps involved in initiating a new social campaign. When starting a new movement, the user of a website such as makes use of a particular recipient’s twitter account by entering it into the website alongside a hashtag which follows the common guidelines of internet etiquette. Once this is completed, the user is required to write a brief report detailing what the campaign entails, including anywhere around three or so links to website pages that support the information used in the campaign.

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Typically, the user will also be added to add some personal details into their movement, with a relevant picture or even a video that they have embedded for the purpose of advertising their campaign. Once these relatively simple steps are completed, the user will be sent an email that is used to verify their identity to ensure there are no privacy issues. Once they have been approved, the campaign will be overlooked by the team on who will launch it onto the internet and begin to collect support, triggering arguments and insightful comments.

Individuals looking to join in on a campaign can use the mission page to allow their twitter account to send particular messages to the news notification stream of their indicated recipient. The idea is that the more support a campaign gathers, the more tweets (messages sent through twitter) a person will receive. The more tweets that a person begins to generate, the more likely they are to achieve success throughout the course of their movement.

Social bombing also provides individuals with the ability to turn the hashtags that they use on a regular basis within their campaigns into topics that are trending on twitter. The website also provides users with a special message that allows them to bring their campaign to random twitter celebrities who have a high volume of followers, making it all the more likely to become viral.

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