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Socialbox.Biz Publishes Some of the Important Benefits of Recycling Old Corporate Laptop Computers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- SocialBox.Biz is a London, United Kingdom based social enterprise specializing in recycling and reuse of old laptop computers for small businesses and corporate offices and re-homing some of them to these in need. Meant to be a source for quick best approaches to reusing or recycling IT hardware and its diverse components, the guide below dives into just some of the important benefits of recycling old corporate laptop computers. It challenges readers to seek out for themselves be best solution for their old redundant computer equipment from their office and maximize positive impact on society.

9 benefits arising from old corporate laptop computer reuse and recycling:

One: It helps the environment

It's definitely tough on the environment when laptops go in landfills. They do not fully break-down in landfills, and dangerous liquids can seep directed into the earth.

Two: It helps prevent resource waste

Materials used in manufacture of computers, routers, and servers. Collecting these metals harms the environment. Such materials are a limited fixed resource; so recycling them prevents unnecessary wastefulness.

Three: It boosts Corporate Social Responsibility for firms

Recycling redundant corporate laptops and computers instantly boosts a corporation's social impact. With their C.S.R. going up, the community will notice and purchase services by a responsible corporation.

Four: It saves corporation's money

Outscoring services such as disposal, re-use, recycling and donating no longer IT material saves money on IT budgets.

Five: It helps the homeless

SocialBox.Biz's "Laptops for the Homeless support" initiative ensures that these redundant laptop computers are cleaned and then some are re-homed to the ones that need it most.

Six: It helps the economy

Giving disenfranchised members of community gain to the Internet will support them to contribute to the workforce. Without electronic reach today, you are irrelevant in the job market. Lack of access to computers can also cause digital and social exclusion.

Seven: It helps the unemployed

SocialBox.Biz is making sure up-cycling these redundant electronics providing those who have no access to computers with access to these vital resources.

Eight: It helps local communities

It will enable more members of our local community to engage online and captivate communities even closer together. Communicating over the world wide web allows for access to essentially needed information and solves the problem of digital and social exclusion.

Nine: It helps society

Recycling helps population as a whole. Saving resources, the environment, and bringing disadvantaged individuals out of homelessness benefits all of our society.

For more information and benefits call Simon Paul on 0843 289 5722:

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