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SocialDon Announces Addition of Twitter Analytics Tool


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Social Don, after witnessing a mounting popularity of its Facebook analytic tools, has decided to extend its analytics tools to Twitter as well. As opposed to other social media analytic sites, Social Don offers its analytic tools absolutely free of cost. This means the users are not bound to pay any sort of fee. Only a registration is required, after which the users will have complete access to all the analytic tools available.

Through Social Don’s twitter analytic tool, businesses can monitor their online progress and success effectively, without having to pay anything. Moreover, it allows businesses to keep a close eye on their competition, by comparing their performance with that of the competitors.

Some of the key features of twitter analytic tool are that it enables users to see the latest trends, examine and appraise the content with detailed statistics of tweets/retweets and thereafter, compare it with that of the competitors.

In addition, users will be able to count the number of followers of a chosen profile, maintain an effective record of the number of followers made or lost during a particular period, determine the total number of tweets and retweets sent within the selected time interval, list count etc. Therefore, this tool will definitely prove to be quite beneficial to users who are constantly looking for ways to monitor their online activity efficiently.

All in all, the inclusion of the twitter analytic tool is an excellent step taken by Social Don to further facilitate the users to keep track of their social media progress.

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