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Socially Conscious Shoe Company Inkkas.com Launches Handmade Aztec & Tribal Shoe Collection


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- Inkkas shoes, a new socially conscious shoe company, is currently launching their Fall 2013 shoe collection based on Aztec, Incan and tribal patterns and designs. The shoes, which are made by the same people who created the Peruvian Phuyupata shoes, are made with traditional South American fabrics, that feature century-old Aztec, Incan and tribal inspired designs.

The brightly colored South American shoes have made quite a splash in recent times, especially after being featured on the popular music television channel FuseTV. With the launch of the Fall 2013 Collection things are sure to heat up, as Aztec, Incan and other tribal inspired designs continue to make waves around the fashion world. With the launch of their new website, the fashion trend that is already rapidly gaining popularity in the US and Europe, will likely to spread to even more shoppers across the globe.

The brightly colored fabrics used in the creation of Inkkas shoes are 100% authentic South American fabrics, made for generations by indigenous Peruvians in the Andean highlands, especially in the Sacred Valley region of Peru, which is also the location of the world-famous Machu Picchu historic site. The Incan patterns and fabrics are most often seen adorning the distinctive dress of the indigenous populations of the Andes, but they many now be coming to a store near you due to the growing popularity of the shoes.

Inkkas shoes are handmade in Peru, but the company maintains a shipping office in New York to better serve customers in the US and Europe. With the launch of their new website, Inkkas now allows customers from any country in the world to purchase their products, so be sure to check out their new website here - http://www.inkkas.com.

Dan Ben-Nun, the CEO of Inkkas, commented that the shoes aren’t just a simple fashion statement. He explained that the shoes “are about taking something beautiful and ancient from one culture and blending it with something modern and edgy from another culture.”

Mr. Ben-Nun also explained that a major goal of the Inkkas company is to increase funding and awareness for the Amazon rainforest and its native inhabitants.

"We think the Amazon and the people that inhabit it are really one of the most beautiful things left on this earth and we feel it's a real tragedy that it's rapidly being destroyed for trivial short terms goals, that’s why we donate 10 percent of every sale to help protect and preserve both the Amazon and it's peoples.”

Because all Inkkas shoes are handmade in South America using 100% authentic South American textiles and because 10 percent of every shoe you buys goes directly to help protect the Amazon, buying a pair of Inkkas not only diversifies a person’s wardrobe, it also helps a great cause.

As Ben-Nun noted, Inkkas shoes a true rarity on the market. They are both a bold fashion statement and a way to buy a small piece of a better world.

About Inkkas Shoes
Inkkas is a socially conscious shoe company that sells brightly colored shoes made from authentic, traditional South American fabrics and patterns. The shoes feature an endless array of Incan, Aztec and other tribal inspired designs. The Inkkas name was chosen as a tribute to the Inca civilization that dominated the area of present day Peru and Bolivia prior to the arrival of the Spanish. The name of the company was chosen to reflect the traditions, techniques and fabrics used by the South American artisans who handmake the shoes. For more information, please visit http://inkkas.com

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