Socialsport Dance Club

Socialsport Dance Club Offers Zumba Classes Along with Ballroom Dance Lessons


Abington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2017 -- Socialsport Dance Club, located in Abington, PA, offers Zumba classes along with ballroom dance lessons for adults. People who are looking to get fit and in shape for the upcoming summer can turn to this dance studio to get on the right track. Dancing has been found to be one of the best aerobic exercises for people who like to have fun while they work out and the Zumba classes at this organization are no exception.

The Zumba classes at Socialsport Dance Club are considered a total workout. They combine all elements of fitness, including cardio, balance and flexibility, muscle conditioning, boosted energy, and more.

However, those who would rather learn another type of dance, one they can bring anywhere with them for the rest of their life, are encouraged to try ballroom lessons for beginners or any of the other dance styles taught by the team of instructors at Socialsport Dance Club.

The instructors are happy to teach any adults who are ready and willing to learn. Even those who have never set their foot on a dance floor are welcome at Socialsport Dance Club, and they will be able to come away with this rewarding and lifelong skill.

Socialsport Dance Club teaches lessons for anything from ballroom dancing to first wedding dances to the jitterbug and even the foxtrot. Students can learn, enjoy, and ultimately master almost any type of dance with the help of this organization.

To learn more about signing up for their Zumba classes, contact Socialsport Dance Club at 215-784-9087.

About Socialsport Dance Club
Socialsport Dance Club specializes in introducing people to the fun of dancing through private lessons that are suited for couples as well as for single men and women. Their expert instructors pride themselves in their ability to teach every student according to the student's personal pace, skill set and wishes, turning the challenge of learning something new into the experience of a lifetime.