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Socialsport Dance Club Will Prepare Any Couple for Their Wedding


Abington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2016 -- Socialsport Dance Club on York Road in Abington, PA is now offering free consultations with wedding professionals for engaged couples that are striving to develop their dance skills prior to their wedding day. The experienced and knowledgeable professionals at the dance studio encourage soon-to-be married couples to learn a unique dance routine that will make an incredibly important day even more memorable. In order to enhance the overall experience and enjoyment of participating in wedding celebrations, friends and family are also urged to seek Socialsport Dance Club's private wedding dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA and surrounding areas, as well as group and couples private dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA and neighboring towns. The professional dance instructors at the studio will make certain that a couples' dance is the highlight of the ceremony.

The dancing experts at Socialsport Dance Club implement a formulated system to help new and timid dancers become increasingly comfortable with expressing themselves physically. Professional instructors will initially work one-on-one with new dancers to help them construct a solid foundation for additional lessons. Through repetition and guidance, amateur dancers will soon develop muscle memory and the movements will begin to feel more natural and instinctive. Once the fundamentals and fluidity of dancing is established, expert instructors will work closely with new dancers to help them accumulate additional skills and dancing expertise. It is strongly recommended that couples look into private ballroom dance lessons in Conshohocken, PA and other towns throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Not only is late Spring and early Summer the most common time of the year for couples to get married, it is also the best time of the year to exercise and peruse an exceptional level of fitness for both health reasons as well as appearance. With over fifteen dance styles for students to learn, along with biweekly Zumba® classes, the professional instructors at Socialsport Dance Club are more than prepared to challenge individuals by forcing them out of their comfort zones and expecting nothing less than success.

The studio is proud to offer group and private ballroom dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA and beyond. Passionate studio experts want new dancers to learn more about the fundamentals as well as the health and confidence-boosting benefits of dancing. Learn more about the private and group dance lessons provided by the professional dance instructors at Socialsport Dance Club by calling 215-784-9087 or by visiting their website today.

About Socialsport Dance Club
Socialsport Dance Club specializes in introducing people to the fun of dancing through private lessons that are suited for couples as well as for single men and women. Their expert instructors pride themselves in their ability to teach every student according to the student's personal pace, skill set and wishes, turning the challenge of learning something new into the experience of a lifetime.