Joe Bragg Explains What Social Workers Really Do Every Day


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Social workers play an important role in countries all over the world. Social workers have the power to change lives on a daily basis, and that’s an attractive quality that makes many students apply for social work degrees across the United States.

However, some of these students may not even know what an average social worker does on a daily basis. That’s why wants to help. At, visitors will find a detailed job description for social workers. In fact, there are many different types of social workers, all of which play a unique role in society.

The website lists a basic job description for each type of social worker, including:

-Family services social workers
-School social workers
-Domestic violence social workers
-Prison social workers
-Immigrants and refugees social worker
-Dozens of other types of social workers who work in different environments

In many cases, a social worker is expected to play multiple roles. A school social worker, for example, may also have to act as a domestic violence social worker or as a social worker for immigrants and refugees.

However, as a spokesperson for explains, all social workers tend to have one thing in common:

“Social workers work in a number of different environments and have a wide range of skillsets. However, the ultimate goal of any social worker is to help people solve problems. These problems may revolve around housing, health care, a mental disorder, or any other condition. While job descriptions tend to be unique to each job, that is the overarching theme of all social work jobs.”

After learning what it means to be a social worker, visitors to can learn how to become a social worker with the right education and training. A bachelor’s degree is required for almost all entry-level social work jobs, and employers often accept a bachelor’s in social work, sociology, psychology, or even political science.

For some people, the most important part of any job is the salary. The spokesperson cites data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“The average social worker salary varies depending on the field in which the social worker is working. For example, social workers in the field of mental health and substance abuse make an average salary of $38,600, while social workers in child and family agencies or schools make approximately $40,210. Most other social workers, including social workers in the field of health care, make a salary of $47,230 or more.”

Whether searching for a detailed social worker job description or interested in learning how to become a social worker, aims to educate visitors on everything they need to know about their potential future career in social work.

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