Socks: An Alternative to Diabetic Medicines by

Believe it or not, diabetic people need only a great pair of socks in order to battle their condition and say goodbye to expensive medicines.


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- A new medical breakthrough in socks today allows a diabetic patient to heal their pain by simply putting on a pair of diabetic socks by Doc’s Socks - Reflexa Company. It is also a complete medical treatment for diabetics, which means that it is an alternative that they’ve all been waiting for.

Removing prescription drugs to take in by a patient is huge help already as putting on these magical socks eliminates the buying of maintenance medicines and lessens the chances of diabetic shock to most patients. It can save money, effort, and also precious time.Though a patient should of course, visit the doctor on a regular basis and get checked still.

Aside from such benefits, these socks also keep the feet warm during the cold season and they help replace oxygen in the blood vessels that has been lost.

The diabetic sock boasts of comfort as they are non-binding, non-irritating, and seamless on the toes.

Increasing the energy and promotes blood flow due to the revolutionary fibres fused with light reflective elements woven into the socks.Maintaining the body temperature is just one of its features especially in the cold seasons.

The new synthetic yarn called Celliant has been proven to improve wellness, boost athletic performance and help regulate body temperature.

Wearing these socks instead of taking in medicines reduces the side-effects that drugs can induce. The Reflexa Diabetic socks have no known side-effects and have a one-year warranty for total customer satisfaction.

It is also advised to get a doctor’s prescription before buying and wearing the socks, also getting the right size for the patient’s feet is highly suggested for the socks to be worn comfortably all day.

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