Soft-Gel Pad Provides Cooling Benefits and Enhances Helmet Comfort

Industry’s newest safety equipment reduces g-force impacts while


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- GelDefenderTM ( is a soft-gel head safety pad engineered to reduce the effects of g-force impacts that are sustained in contact sports and recreational activities for which helmet use is recommended or required. Its design incorporates advanced, lightweight technology that multiple rounds of laboratory tests indicate substantially reduces g-force impacts and provides protection from extreme heats typical in sports environments.

Developed by PSE Technology LLC, a Raleigh, NC, company, GelDefenderTM is eight ounces of safety equipment recommended to be worn on the head under any sports or recreation helmet. GelDefenderTM fits youths and adults with four models in sizes 6 to 8. It covers the side of the head above the ears, as well as the temples, the forehead, and the rear and the crown of the head.

In tests using popular helmets by major manufacturers, g-force impacts were reduced—in some cases up to 67%--when a GelDefenderTM was used inside the helmet when compared to helmet-only data. Not only were results positive for GelDefenderTM in sports and recreation helmets, but similar results were obtained when the product was tested with the military ACH helmet and with industrial hard hats.

Cooling benefits were substantial for not only the first 15 minutes in a 115-degree oven, but thermal benefits extended over a full hour of high-temperature exposure. That means playing and working safer and cooler.

Today’s sports and recreation athletes are bigger, stronger and faster, which leads to more violent collisions. While these activities have become more exciting for fans and athletes, the frequency and severity of head injuries due to impacts have dramatically increased. These include concussions of varying degrees, second impacts, and the accumulation of impacts (dose effect) that neurologists are linking to long-term cognitive impairment and overheating.

These scientific findings have focused attention on the long-term effects of head injuries and on new products that can aid in injury prevention.

GelDefenderTM retails for $39.95 on the Internet, plus shipping and handling. Team discounts are available.