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Softnia Introduces Seat Cushion Designed to Provide Back Support and Comfortable Sitting


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Softnia introduced their new orthopedic cushion produced with 100% premium quality materials including high density memory foam that provides unmatched support and comfort for the back and tail bone while sitting. Designed to be versatile makes it suitable for chairs and seats in cars, planes, buses, office and even wheelchairs.

"For our Softnia orthopedic seat cushion memory foam has been used to create a cushion that stays in great condition so it won't flatten over time or take any toll on the body after long term use. The cushion has been highly favored for the support it offers anyone with back problems or anyone who's looking to just sit more comfortably" explained Softnia representative.

How and where one sits has an impact on the health of their back and posture because the backbone plays an important part in supporting the body frame and also the posture. Slouching or stooping while sitting uncomfortably in a chair affects the muscles, bones and the ligaments in the back. Often people make simple mistakes such as not sitting in the right chairs or holding the right posture which results in strained backs. A simple fix for this issue is to be more aware of how the back operates, how to hold the posture correctly and what can be done to keep the health of the back at its best.

"We have designed the Softnia cushion to evenly distribute, the body weight with its contoured high and low design, while additionally promoting healthy blood circulation in the legs with its natural cervical curve."

The designers together with the help of orthopedist have focused on creating a cushion that is most suitable for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting, Softnia cushion would be ideal for such people because it also works to prevent pressure ulcers. Users of the cushion have reported the proper use of the cushion has helped their back muscle stay relieved even after long hours of sitting. The Softnia seat cushion promotes good posture putting least amount of strain to supporting muscles, which is mainly because of its U-shaped design, intended to preserve the health of the back muscles, bones and ligaments to ultimately avoid the dreaded slouch which could hurt the back.

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Softnia is a brand of orthopedic cushion produced with 100% premium quality materials which are 100% hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. For more information please visit:

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