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Software Allows People to Monitor Cell Phone Activity Discreetly and Legally


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2011 -- It’s an awful feeling and one that is all-too common: having a nagging suspicion that a spouse, child, or maybe even an employee is not being completely honest and upfront about his or her activities.

Suspecting that someone is up to something behind a person’s back can be extremely stressful, and can affect not only the person’s relationship but also his or her mental and physical health.

One website has received a lot of attention lately for a product that can help millions of people get to the bottom of any potential wrong-doing going on with their loved ones or co-workers.

Undetectable Cell Spy is an easy-to-use software that can be installed on the customer’s phone or personal computer—not on the target phone—that will discreetly and 100 percent legally allow the person to monitor another’s cell phone usage in real time.

The cell phone spy will conveniently record all calls, emails, SMS texts, photos and videos, just in case they are needed later or for evidence. As the website pointed out, the undetectable software is both incredibly advanced and sophisticated. With it, customers are able to intercept the target phone and access it remotely whenever they want to.

Up until this technology was invented, most people who were suspicious of what someone was doing would have to spend a lot of money to hire a private investigator, who may or may not be able to find out the truth and who will have to be trusted with a lot of personal and sensitive information.

“The second way of finding information about someone is using Undetectable Cell Spy as your private eye,” the website said, adding that since the cell phone spy is software, there is no potential for human error, and it’s ready to work every minute of every day.

Purchasing the cell spy program is easy and hassle-free. Simply log onto the website and click on the “click to download” button found partway down the main page. The software is compatible with all brands of mobile phones and major networks, and in any country, and it comes with a 365-day money back guarantee.

The software also includes a built-in GPS location tracking feature, which allows customers to know where their loved one is at all times, even if he or she is not on the phone. This can be a handy tool for parents wishing to keep tabs on their children’s’ whereabouts.

For more information about Undetectable Cell Spy, please visit http://www.undetectablecellspy.com