Derek Gerber

Software Company Offers Document Management Software

Tallega Software offers Perceptive and ImageNow for document management software.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Perceptive Software is well known for creating enterprise content management software products. Those products can be used in order to increase the productivity of any business in any vertical market. With Perceptive Software’s document management technology, ImageNow document management software document management software and workflow lets individuals process and collaborate their special content and documents. They can also protect their data during its lifecycle.

Document management systems, such as enterprise content management, helps Tallega’s customers keep up with their important files. The document management systems are capable of handling electronic information, including Adobe documents and is completely integrated with Microsoft Office and hundreds of other document types. In addition to all of this, the system can also handle unstructured information like photographs, faxes, video clips, hand-written notes, XML components, e-mail messages and podcasts.

ImageNow, for example, is by far the most powerful document management program offered by Perceptive through Tallega Software. ImageNow helps make work more efficient. This software allows users to process, use and collaborate content and documents.

There are many individuals that are purchasing Perceptive Software. They purchase Perceptive Software to gain control, manage and distribute document images, eliminate preprinted forms, provide web access to important forms and to speed up their work flow.

About Perceptive Software
Perceptive is a document management solution that many businesses have turned to. They address critical businesses issues. They are designed to optimize, control and protect information from various sources being stored in a variety of forms including archival box storage, paper files, digital application files, emails, faxes and much more. For more information, contact Derek Gerber at or telephone number: 949.367.9860.