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Software Company Offers Fast Document Imaging Scanners

Tallega Software offers Fujitsu brand fast document imaging scanners.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Many companies are making transitions to paperless offices. With Tallega, it is easy to take all of your paper and make it digital. Making the transition to electronic documents has many advantages in terms of space, costs and time savings.

Tallega’s customers are able to save a lot of office space that is usually taken up by storage boxes, shelves, filing cabinets etc for all the files. There will be more working space in the office. Labor and costs for managing and filing these documents and files can also be cut, which turns into more savings for the company when you no longer have to pay to file documents by hand. They will be able to store files for years or decades on a small media format and can be copied on the server or another disc and be stored in another location. Aside from making files a lot more portable when being stored in this process, it also makes storage duplication when necessary much easier, hence the files are also protected from most natural disasters. When calamities such as floods, fire and the like unfortunately strike, hard copy files such as paper files are hard to recover, thus making it very difficult for the company to recover as well. Digital filing also speeds up transactions which becomes a good selling point to clients. Files can be easily emailed from digital storage and turnaround time for contracts and correspondence can be greatly reduced.

Fujitsu scanners are the market leader (with over 60% of the market share) because of their excellent quality and lighting fast scanning speeds. A great selection of these products can be found at Tallega Software’s website Fujitsu scanners are offered on many different levels and speeds to make sure that each customer has exactly what they need. Tallega not only has document scanners, but they also have business scanners, industrial scanners, large scanners, network scanners and also PDF scanners. Fujitsu scanners also have different models for different daily duty volumes that Tallega Software recommends. Tallega recommends the scanner model Fujitsu fi-6140z for low volume scanning (1-1,500 pages per day), the Fujitsu fi-6770 for mid volume scanning (1,500-5,000 pages per day), and the Fujitsu fi-5950 for high volume scanning (more than 5,000 pages per day). Tallega also recommends the Fujitsu N1800 for network scanning. There are also other good Fujitsu scanner models such as the Fujitsu fi-6140z, fi-6240z, Fujitsu fi-6130z, Fujitsu fi-6670 and the Fujitsu fi-6800.

Tallega Software also provides customers tips and things to consider when purchasing a scanner aside from its daily duty volume use. Other things to consider are speed, time frame, document feeder, document quality and data capture. The website also provides customers with a document to help them choose the right scanner for their office and home needs.

About Tallega Software
Tallega Software specializes in assisting companies and businesses automate and computerize their business processes using the right document scanning, management and workflow solutions. For more information, contact Derek Gerber at or telephone number: 949.367.9860.