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SoftwareSuggest Unveils Report on Customer Buying Insights for School Management Software


Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- SoftwareSuggest, Software Discovery & Recommendation platform unveils its first research report on "Customer Buying Insights for School Management Software".  It was drafted out from the research data of 200+ school software buyers who have bought software within the last 1 year to uncover various aspects of buying insights for school software.

Some of the Key takeaways we found includes:

- What features buyers look for in school software?
- What is the budget buyers  are looking to spend for school management software?
- Preferable software type - web based VS the installation based?
- Geographical spread of school management software buyer?
- Who is the decision maker?
- Spread of software purchases over the year?

According to the report:

- 80% of the customers were first generation buyers looking for a software with new technology, whereas 20% were existing customers already using school software but wants to change the software for more than one reasons mentioned in report.

- The Preference for installation based school software is more compared to web based software.
Buyers who go with installation based software look at spending between $150 to $2995, whereas those buyers preferring web based software goes with $10/month to $23/month (For 100 students). SaaS based school software are cost-efficient & more user friendly.

- The highest sales closure for school software takes place during end terms (i.e) March; due to admission process, whereas the sales is minimum near to October.

- As per our study, the core people involved in buying school software are Management, IT incharge & Principals of which the highest ratio is from Management people i.e 46%.

There are various features people look for in school software. Some of them are: Student behaviour tracking & analytics, admission management,examination management,attendance management, hr & payroll management,etc.

"Customer Purchasing Insights for School Management Software" is a comprehensive report, that covers every aspects in terms of the factors customers look for before buying any school management software. The report also depicts various factors that results to an opportunity for software vendors too. You can have a closer look at the results of this study, SoftwareSuggest has published the full report at Product Nation. This research report is based on 200+ Indian school software buyers.

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