SoilLogix Has Just Introduced Its Innovative Plant Supplements to All Gardeners and Growers Across USA


Concow, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- SoilLogix, an established developer of bio friendly fertilizers in Northern California, is pleased to announce the release of their new website. Word has it that the main purpose of launching a new website is to introduce the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom, a natural and eco-friendly fertilizer, to growers and gardeners who are located outside the Northern California area. With this development, growers and gardeners outside the Northern California area will be able to enjoy the bio friendly solutions from SoilLogix. Furthermore, they can now get an effective fertilizer that will help their plants grow in no time. Aside from providing innovative solutions to all gardeners and growers across the United States, SoilLogix also decided to launch a new website, so that they can have a better and wider market or audience. To check out their new website, navigate to

Established in 2002, SoilLogix is a liquid fertilizer company that is committed to providing natural, safe and renewable solutions to gardeners. In 2002, they developed the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom, a superior growth enhancer for plants. Basically, the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom is a natural liquid supplement that was developed over a ten-year period of development and research. Unlike other plant fertilizers, the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. As an eco-friendly natural liquid fertilizer, the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom combines some of the best natural ingredients in order to create an exceptional and powerful concentrate.

SoilLogix’s Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom is a safe and effective plant fertilized derived from worm castings and other valuable ingredients that can be used on flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs, trees and in many hydroponic applications. This plant supplement, however, should not be used on tropical or succulent plants, as the fruit and growth won’t be noticeably enhanced.

As a natural plant supplement, their Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom can be used in an array of ways. You can pour the solution on the plant’s soil to promote healthy and strong root system, or soak your bare root trees in the solution before planting to speed up the germination process. Aside from that, you can spray them on house plants and lawns. To learn more about the solution’s applications, visit or call them at (530) 413-9977.

Mr. Findley, an avid grower and gardener in Northern California, was very pleased with the results provided by the Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom. At SoilLogix’s website, Mrs. Findley posted a testimonial stating “We have been using SoilLogix: Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom for my indoor and outdoor cycles. We noticed a substantial growth increase and an increase in yield by at least 25%. We recommend this product to all our friends and family. Small or large gardens can benefit from using this formula.” Apart from Mr. Findley, there are a lot of other growers and gardeners in Northern California that have been satisfied with the SoilLogix’s Worm Tonix Grow and Bloom. To read more testimonials about this superior liquid fertilizer, visit