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Sojos Launches New Online Videos About Its Products


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- Sojos, purveyor of fine natural dog food, today launched a new online video that will help clients understand how Sojos dog food is made and how it can benefit pets. The videos, found on the company’s website, highlight the simple process of making Sojos natural dog food. Unlike kibble, this holistic dog food is homemade from natural ingredients dogs need to sustain a healthy weight and digestion. The food, which comes in a variety of grain-free options is simply prepared and dehydrated for safe storage and retail.

“We wanted to give shoppers a quick and fun way to understand the process behind and the benefits of natural dog food,” said Ward Johnson, animal nutritionist and proprietor of Sojos. “Our clients are very passionate about their dogs and want to ensure that they enjoy only the best and most healthful food. We developed Sojos to meet the dietary needs of many dogs and be a simple way for dog lovers to serve healthy food to their furry friends.”

In the new online videos, dog owners will learn how an eight-pound bag of Sojos natural dog food yield up to 40 pounds of food. When Sojos is ready to serve, pet parents simply add water to the mix and let the natural ingredients reabsorbed the water and expand. Sojos comes in two varieties – complete and original. The original formulation allows pet owners to add their own choice of protein to the mix, while the complete version comes with already mixed in and dehydrated meat such as beef or turkey.

Sojos is the next best thing to preparing a home cooked meal for the dog. The new online videos clients can watch online shows on how simple it is to prepare Sojos. After adding water the food is ready to eat in minutes. Dog owners will appreciate the ease and simplicity of feeding their dogs right, while dogs love the taste of all natural dog food with delicious, healthy ingredients such as vegetables and meats. For this reason Sojos is the preferred natural dog food for many championship breeders and noted veterinarians.

About Sojos
Sojos raw dog food mixes are made from scratch with whole food. Its homemade dog food, made easy. Sojos offers a variety of grain-free options in our full line of all-natural pet food. Unlike kibble, Sojos has no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. Just simple, real ingredients like those found in any home kitchen. For more information about natural dog food and to watch the online videos, visit