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Solar Installation Pros Launches Quick Quote Form for Users in Melbourne and Sydney

Solar Installation Pros has created a quick quote form that allows people to get an initial assessment of how much it would cost, and how much they would save, converting to solar energy.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- The sun is constantly bombarding the planet with irradiated energy waves, which are responsible for all life on earth and provide a potentially unlimited source of energy. Solar panels capture and convert this energy in a clean and renewable way, with minimal negative impact on the environment. Australia receives more than its fair share of solar energy, and installing these panels is becoming increasingly popular. Solar Installation Pros are now making it even easier to explore the idea with a new quick quote form.

The company, active in Sydney (, Melbourne ( and their surrounding suburbs and neighborhoods, specializes in creating bespoke solar energy systems. The new quick quote function allows people to describe the type of house, type of roof, age of the property and whether residential or commercial, as well as asking for the current electricity supplier.

From there, individuals add their personal details and any other information and if they wish to receive an initial consultation call from the team's dedicated sales representatives, who will be able to explain in detail what opportunities are most suitable for every home.

A spokesperson for Solar Installation Pros explained, "Green energy, especially solar power, has become increasingly affordable and as a result we are seeing solar covering more roofs and yards than ever before. We want to continue this trend, and our new quick quote form enables users to get a ballpark figure and projections on how much solar energy can save them. This is just the beginning however, as we work tirelessly to optimize every solution individually, making sure people have the best and most efficient system possible that can give them a greater degree of energy independence. We look forward to helping more clients than ever with our new service."

About Solar Installation Pros
Solar Installation Pros is a solar company with a passion for providing clients with the best possible solar energy systems, specific to their particular needs. They design, deliver and install top of the line solar panel solutions for residential buildings around Australia. Their expert team help customers figure out the best way to make residential solar panels work both for the environment and the household budget.

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