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Solar Light Company Announces Addition of 5 New Meters


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2016 -- Solar Light Company, a Glenside, PA-based provider of state-of-the-art radiometers, UV meters, and sensors, is pleased to announce that they have five new meters available through their Solarmeter® brand. In May 2015, Solar Light purchased the assets of Solartech, Inc., and acquired their Solarmeter® line of light meters. The products they acquired extended the company's offering of scientific sensors, light sources and meters that they offer to universities, research facilities, and many other industries. The five new meters they have added to the existing line of meters include the Model 4.0 UVA, Model 4.2 UVA, Model 9.2 Bilirubin, Model 9.4 Blue Light, and the Model 9.6 Red Light.

Customers who choose the Model 4.0 UVA, Model 4.2 UVA, or Model 9.2 Bilirubin, will be pleased to know that they are durable, compact, feature an LCD readout, provide for nothing but accurate calibration, and are also handheld integral sensors. The Model 9.4 Blue Light and Model 9.6 Red Light are also durable, compact, accurate, and have an LCD readout. Potential or current customers of the Solar Light Company who would like to learn more about what each meter can do can feel free to visit

Solar Light Company has been in business for nearly fifty years and takes extreme pride in the work that they do, and the products that they offer to clients all over the globe. In addition to purchasing the assets of Solartech, Inc. in May 2015, the company also obtained the in vitro Sunscreen Analyzer business from Optometrics to both complement and extend their SPF testing equipment. Last, but not least, those who choose the company will find that they have world-class manufacturing techniques and concepts that have been proven to help create and deliver customized products to their clients faster.

To learn more about the company or view their online inventory, please visit their website today.

About Solar Light® Company, Inc.
Solar Light® Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 and has decades of experience in Engineering, Physics and Optics with a company base of over 45,000 customers worldwide. They also specialize in Accelerated UV testing, material spectral transmission studies and light source spectral measurement. Solar Light's corporate headquarters is located at 100 East Glenside Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038.

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