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Solar Light Company Announces Availability of PMA 2100 and 2200 Radiometers


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Solar Light Company is pleased to announce the availability of their PMA 2100 and 2200 radiometers. Individuals may find it annoying to find certain sensors missing when they take out a particular radiometer or photometer for a study. With the new PMA 2100 and 2200 radiometers offered by Solar Light Company, individuals can now mix and match any of the 135 PMA sensors with any PMA meter available. Individuals can easily plug the sensor into the radiometer and begin their study.

The sensors are able to be mixed and matched with various radiometers because they exhibit a patented intelligence. The new sensors are able to communicate with the meter effectively because they contain calibration and offset data. This feature guarantees accuracy of readings, which in return, makes individuals complete their readings faster and more accurately.

In addition to being more efficient, all Solar Light PMA sensors and meters are calibrated to meet NIST traceable standards. They are also provided with a one-year validation certification. Individuals who use the products will be assured that their readings are extremely accurate.

Solar Light Company offers a wide range of sensors which are able to measure radiation from 250nm - 2,800nm in discrete band path intervals, when plugged into any of the PMA meters. Being battery-powered and handheld allows readings to be taken easier, especially outdoors. Individuals who use the meters are able to take readings for up to 40 hours with one battery set. If Solar Light Company does not offer a standard sensor for a particular reading range, they will make a custom one for the customer. By switching to Solar Light’s PMA system, customers can take the frustration out of their light meter desires.

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