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Solar Light Company Announces Availability of PWA254 Germicidal UVC Sensor to Their Clients


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- When individuals think of tap water and the whether it is safe to drink or not, they often wonder how the water hasn’t been polluted and stays crystal clear coming through the spout. Traditionally, drinking water goes through extensive treatments during which most inorganic and organic impurities are removed and it becomes safe to consume. In order to sterilize the organic components present in the water supply, pollution free techniques are being used, including the use of germicidal UVC radiation. As a company that designs all of its UVC sensors, Solar Light Company is pleased to announce the availability of the PWA254 Germicidal UVC Sensor to their clients.

The use of germicidal UVC sensors effectively prevents the DNA in the pollutant organisms from replicating, hence killing off the organisms and disinfecting the water. The PWA254 is equipped with a sensor mount that has a screw-in fitting and can be used for accurate measurements in water or outside in the air. It is designed in a way that monitors ultraviolet output from germicidal lamps. The sensor provides continuous monitoring with multidirectional measurement.

If used in part with a data acquisition system, the PWA254 will provide cosine response to effectively measure UVC radiation from disinfecting light sources. The product is calibrated to the principles of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the range can be easily adjusted. This highly complex sensor uses a coaxial cable assembly with a three-foot cable length.

Those interested should allow up to two weeks for delivery. All products come with a one-year warranty to ensure accurate performance and customer satisfaction. For more information about their germicidal sensors, or to inquire on their accelerated ultraviolet testing for various products, please call 215-517-8700 or visit their website today.

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