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Solar Light Company Announces Development of New Photostability Monitoring Package


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- In recent developments at Solar Light Company, they have created a Photostability Monitoring Package that enables accurate control and data acquisition for short and long-term studies. The studies are required by the FDA that all drug substances in the United States go through controlling and data acquisition. The photometer uses a system that has a patented intelligent sensor platform with the ability to interface with any computer, laptop, or tablet to monitor the exposure of the samples that are being tested within its required limits. They are proud to be offering the new photostability monitoring package to test pharmaceuticals and other chemicals for their shelf life.

With this package from Solar Light Company, they are able to see that after chemicals have been exposed to sunlight and various sun-like sources, the compound of the product begins to change due to the exposure. With that being said, the effectiveness is then compromised through UVA, UVB rays. The photostability package also generates audit trails, totals the exposure, and turns off the light sources when the exposure has been completed. It is also able to maintain the test history, calibration data, and much more. With the use of a light meter, Solar Light Company is able to test products in a short amount of time through this process, which would normally take months on end to receive the proper amount of exposure for the best results can now happen in days.

Solar Light Company provides products that test the rate of which the chemicals begin to degrade to both UV and visible light. The products that they commonly test are pharmaceuticals, sunscreens, and other items that may be affected when exposed to light. The Solar Light professionals know that testing these products requires exposing them to UV and visible light. Measuring the amount of light that was outputted will be able to determine how the product has been altered. Along with the new development of the Photostability Monitoring Package, Solar Light detectors and UV sensors can also help customers with all the parts of this testing.

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