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Solar Light Company Announces Exhibit at the 2013 Sunscreen Symposium in Orlando


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- The Solar Light Company is excited to announce they will be exhibiting radiometers and simulators during the 2013 Sunscreen Symposium at the Walt Disney World Swan in Orlando, FL during the weekend of September 19. This event will give attendees of the symposium an up close look at some of the high-tech, advancing scientific products that make Solar Light Company a leading company in the light testing industry. Radiometers operate as a UV meter and use intelligent data processing in order to measure different kinds of light—such as UVA, IR, UVC and Visible light—without having to change the meter. The simulators that will be on display are able to expose various samples such as textiles, papers, plastics and paints, as well as human skin for testing SPF values of sunscreen products, to the spectrum of natural sunlight, by using sophisticated optics and filters to give the closest simulation of natural sunlight by a light source.

With these items on exhibit, customers and attendees can learn more about these solar products and the process in which they are able to operate. Known for their light testing, Solar Light Company can use the simulators to provide an example of the types of activities their professionals perform on a daily basis. At Solar Light Company, their testing laboratory provides testing services that meet ASTM and ISO standards and show how various products will react to long term sunlight exposure. They can adjust the intensity of the light to provide different doses of ultraviolet light.

One of the unique aspects of Solar Light Company is their ability to test plastics. With their plastics testing, the professionals at Solar Light Company can perform an environmental weathering test and view the amount of degradation through many years of sunlight for a particular piece of plastic or vinyl in just a few days. Testing can be done to measure the fade level or the level of brittleness.

To receive more information on where to see the Solar Light Company at the 2013 Sunscreen Symposium or to find out how to get materials tested, please call 215-517-8700 or visit their website today.

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