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Solar Light Company Announces New Improvements on SPF Testing Mulitport


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- There have been some recent changes to the Multiport® SPF Tester, which is a UV Solar Simulator. The professionals from Solar Light are proud to announce the new improvements that are now available to the Multiport® 601. This turnkey system is used for SPF testing and carries a full one year warranty, however there are extended plans available. The solar simulator has six different outputs that can produce a choice of UVA and UVA+UVB spectra.

The new advanced system allows for multiple tests to be done in a short period of time making it extremely efficient. Solar Light recommends ordering the Multiport® two weeks in advance and they make sure every single product is calibrated before shipping. Also, for those who are looking for a light meter, the PMA series radiometers can interface with over 35 different sensors that can measure various wavebands. With a full range of custom wavelengths available, Solar Light offers custom packaging to meet the client’s needs.

The solar simulator Multiport® 601 is perfect for testing laboratories because a large portion of tests to be done at once. The adjustment knobs control the power supply and the new features allow for the UV output to be almost twenty times the intensity produced by the sun. If anything were to happen to the system, Solar Light provides warranty on all parts and labor for the first year. Being used to simulate a solar ultraviolet spectrum it removes any visible and infrared light. Solar Light is extremely motivated by giving their customers solutions to an issue and is intrigued by all the scientific advances that have been made as technology increases. From material testing, light sources, pryanometers, light measurement systems and much more, Solar Light looks forward to providing those with new features and improvements on all their products.

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