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Solar Light Company Announces the Development of New Photostability Monitoring Package


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Solar Light Company has developed a Photostability Monitoring Package to enable accurate control and data acquisition for short and long term photostability studies required by FDA for all drug substances used in USA. The system uses a patented, intelligent sensor platform and interfaces with any PC, laptop or tablet to monitor the exposure of the test samples within the required limits. The package also generates audit trails, totals the exposure and turns off the light sources when the exposure has been completed and maintains test history, calibration data and much more.

Solar Light provides products that test the rate of which chemicals degrade to both UV and visible light. Commonly tested drugs are pharmaceuticals, sunscreens and other products that may be exposed to light. Testing these products requires exposing them to UV and visible light, and measuring the amount of light that was outputted in order to find out if the efficacy of the product has been altered. Solar Light detectors and UV sensors can help customers with all the parts of this testing.

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