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Solar Light Company Has New UV Warning Symbols to Help Promote Safe Tanning


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- When it comes to tanning outside it is difficult to determine how dangerous the UV rays are from the sun. On any given day they can change and spending long hours exposed to the sun in pursuit of a tan is not always safe. The Solar Light Company has addressed this problem and has developed a new UV Warning Symbol to help promote safer tanning.

A clear day in the Western US during summer can experience UV Index values as high as 10+. During the winter it can also reach levels of concern. This means a person with Type II skin, unprotected, can burn in as little as 10-15 minutes. In the Northwest part of the US during the summer the UV Index can reach 9+ while winter values can reach 3+. These are typical average values for any given time collected by UV sensors.

The concept behind the UV Warning Signal™ is that it take's the sun's radiation, changes the UV photons of light in the "skin sensitive range" into an electrical signal which activates one of the indicator lights corresponding to the World Health Organization and US EPA UV Index exposure categories. These exposure categories are represented on the UV Warning Signal™ by five high intensity colored LED indicator lights, and are visible, even in direct sunlight, from up to 50 meters. When in operation the UV Warning Signal™ illuminates the indicator light that corresponds to the level of UV radiation being received by the UV sensor. The “Traffic Light” format is designed to make the signals easy to read and understand. Even children can associate with traffic lights which signal green for “safe to go” and red for “stop”!

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