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Solar Light Company Implements World Class Manufacturing Techniques


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2016 -- Solar Light Company is a Montgomery County, PA-based organization that provides solar simulators, pyranometers, UV sensors, and many other products to clients all over the world. While there are many benefits of choosing the company for their products and services, one of the best is that they consistently strive to make a client's products as quickly and accurately as possible. In fact, the company would like to let both current and potential clients know that they have implemented world-class manufacturing techniques and concepts that have been proven to assist in creating and delivering customized products faster.

Some of the world-class manufacturing concepts and techniques that the company has implemented includes, but is not limited to, a foot step reduction program, kan ban system, "mini" factories, and an employee empowerment program. By implementing these concepts and techniques, the company has been able to lower the cost of OEM sensors and meters, and provide even more accurate and faster lead times on their simulators and other products. Last, but not least, the company has seen significant supply chain improvements. Those who would like to learn more about their world-class manufacturing techniques and concepts can visit the company's blog page.

Solar Light Company would also like to remind everyone that they have recently launched a new line of DCS-2 Touch Screen Controllers. These meters/controllers feature a new slim design and color scheme that matches the company's existing and new simulators. What's more, these new touch screen displays allow for greater visibility.

When individuals are searching for a company that always seeks to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients, they should look no further than Solar Light Company. To learn more about the company and what they can do, please visit their website today.

About Solar Light
Solar Light® Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 and has decades of experience in Engineering, Physics and Optics with a company base of over 45,000 customers worldwide. They also specialize in Accelerated UV testing, material spectral transmission studies and light source spectral measurement. Solar Light's corporate headquarters is located at 100 East Glenside Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038.

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