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Solar Light Company Now Offering Data Logging Radiometer PMA2100 to Customers


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- As a company that offers testing services with technologically advanced products, the Solar Light Company is proud to offer the PMA2100, a data logging radiometer, to their valued clients. Radiometers are used to measure all aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum, most commonly in the UV, Visible and IR regions from 200 to 2000 nm wavelength. The PMA2100 is a portable hand-held device that comes equipped with a USB cable, battery charger, and PC hookup capability. After reading the algorithms and logging the data that the machine receives, customers can download the data onto a PC to better analyze what they are seeing.

This radiometer can be used to research and measure a variety of different types of light, from visible to ultraviolet to infrared. Accessories are included to allow the radiometer to measure and test temperatures with a thermistor. Customers can utilize the PMA2100 sensors to effectively and accurately record the radiation levels and compare the effects of various forms of ultraviolet light through a UV test.

Solar Light Company can expose varied samples to UV, or full spectrum sunlight to simulate years’ worth of sunlight in days. The professionals test plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, papers, and other materials to UV light to assess how they will stand up to years of UV light. Using only Solar Light solar simulators, samples are exposed to the spectrum of natural sunlight with a class "A" spectrum and 5% uniformity, providing an extremely close spectral output of sunlight that can be simulated by a light source. The accelerated life testing will show how a material will react to long term sunlight exposure.

Solar Light Company has seen great advancements throughout the years and continues to develop new products to address emerging markets. One such development is the SL-3101 radiometer system which simultaneously measures the photopic and scotopic values of an illuminated environment, indoors or outside, and allows lighting designers and engineers to determine the best, most visually effective illumination as seen by the human eye in a particular environment. By taking account of the photopic and scotopic elements, and not just measuring the watts/sq cm, it is possible to allow for huge energy savings.

Delivery for these innovative products can take up to two weeks and they come with a one-year standard warranty included. This ensures the product is calibrated and inspected for any defects before shipment. For more information about UV testing services or to inquire about radiometers, please call 215-517-8700 today.

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