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Solar Light Company Now Offering Model 501 Range of Radiometers with Solar Sensors to Clients


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- For those professionals working in observatories and weather stations trying to measure ultraviolet radiation, the Solar Light Company is pleased to announce they are now offering the model 501 range of radiometers with solar sensors to their valued clients. The Model 501 Radiometers are designed to be permanent outdoor instruments and are able to accurately measure UVA or UVB radiation, both outdoors and underwater to depth of up to five meters (15 feet) with wavelengths above 280 nanometers.

As a high-performing solar sensor, there are two types of configurations for the model 501 Radiometer: UVB (Biometer) and UVA. This radiometer is available with a recorder which has two inputs for 2 radiometers and 2 serial outputs for connection to a PC. There is also a printer port. This innovative piece of equipment has a controlled internal temperature which allows the accuracy of the radiometer to be higher than that of comparable products. The data recorded on the unit can be stored for up to six months.

The UVB sensor can be configured to follow the non-weighted UVB spectrum or the Erythema Action Spectrum with the Model 501. Its angular (cosine) response measurements are within five percent of ideal cosine.

All equipment offered by the Solar Light Company comes with a one-year standard warranty. The Model 501 Radiometer will be in excellent shape and equipped with all working parts upon shipment. If, during the first year, the radiometer becomes damaged in any way, the defective parts will be replaced by the professionals at the Solar Light Company. In addition to the warranty, every product available from Solar Light Company is calibrated by the traceable standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In addition to radiometers and solar sensors, the Solar Light Company is renowned for their ability to conduct accelerated UV testing. This can be done to metals, plastics, paper products, as well as coated textiles. For more information about the Model 501 Radiometer or to inquire on the various sensors and radiometers offered by the Solar Light Company, please call 215-517-8700 or visit their website today.

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