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Solar Light Utilizes New Simulator Developments to Meet Modern Day Challenges


Glenside, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Solar Light Company produces a wide range of high quality solar simulators for both industrial and research applications. The size and output vary depending on the application, which may be used in small entry-level models that carry out fade testing and sunscreen testing. The output may be a concentrated UV spectrum based on natural sunlight to large aperture 1000-watt models, delivering a class “AAA” full solar spectrum. They use this for qualifying solar cell performance characteristics in the photovoltaic research arena. They have managed throughout the years to utilize new simulator developments in order to meet the new modern day challenges that come along with research. For over 46 years, Solar Light Company has been producing simulators, and has built up a considerable knowledge and experience base that can now be utilized in the development of new models for modern day research.

They have found that by using a selection of highly developed optical filters, simulators are an essential part of determining and confirming the sun protection factors; especially in so many lotions and cosmetics used throughout the summer season to protect individuals from damaging UV radiation from the sun. The spectrum from these new simulators mimics closely the damaging portions of the sun’s full spectrum to ensure that the formulations can adequately protect the users.

The output from the solar simulators can be measured using a radiometer and pyranometer. The Solar Light PMA2144 Class 11 Pyranometer is a sensor capable of receiving radiations from broad ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, from UV through visible to IR. This then combines it into a total energy value, which is measured in units of watts per square meter. Knowing the value, photovoltaic engineers can calculate the efficiency of solar panels in converting photonic (light) energy into useful electron (electrical) energy.

The PMA2100 radiometer from Solar Light can be used to read and record the radiation. It also features onboard data logging at predetermined intervals, so data can be sampled over a period of time and then downloaded when complete. By having two inputs, allows sampling of different parts of the spectrum to be captured simultaneously for later analysis. A popular application for this is comparing the relative values of UVA and UVB from natural sunlight. Solar Light Company has seen great advancements throughout the years and continues to find new developments with solar simulators along with all the obstacles that come with it.

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Solar Light Company is deeply committed to research and development, enabling them to stay at the leading edge of innovation. The company collaborates with leading test facilities, universities and standardized testing associations to bring the best solar simulator and Plastic Testing products to their customers. Solar Light looks forward to finding scientific breakthroughs and technological advances to stay ahead of the curve in every aspect of the industry.

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