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UK Company Helps Train People to Install Solar Panels


Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2011 -- More than ever, people are trying to live as “green” as possible. From recycling bottles and papers to driving hybrid vehicles, many are trying to reduce the size of their carbon footprints.

One change that can also make a positive impact on the environment is switching to a cleaner form of energy. Across the country, many have turned to Solar Panels as a way to harvest the sun’s powerful energy as an energy-efficient and budget-friendly way to power their homes.

A company has received a lot of attention lately for offering people the opportunity to become a certified Solar Panel installer. Solar Panel Installation, a UK-based business, helps those interested in learning this trade get the training they need to begin working in the industry by offering Solar Panel installer courses from PASS.

According to the website, PASS Training recently launched its Certificate in Installing and Testing Photovoltaic (PV) Systems course, which is aimed at both qualified electricians and domestic installers who would like to gain the skills they need to work with Solar PV Panels.

“By training to become a certified Solar Panel installer, you are offering a core service across the UK which schools, domestic homes, care homes, industrial units and supermarkets are seeking to take advantage of,” it said on the website.

“Operation managers and directors are looking to reduce their business carbon footprint due to energy bills being one of the biggest fixed costs for a company. As a qualified solar panel fitter you can target these key businesses, backed up by the proper certification and accreditation in Solar Power energy.”

The rigorous training course lasts for three days; at the end of the programme students will know how to install Solar Panels safely and effectively at commercial, marine, industrial and domestic locations.

In addition, the delegates will not only learn background knowledge about the solar market, but also the standards, design, integration and health and safety angles, as well as ways to get grants and funding.

As the website noted, the rising CO2 levels and future fuel shortages make how people power their homes a very important topic for consideration. Since one hour of sunlight has been shown to be enough to accommodate the Earth’s energy needs for an entire year, Solar Panels are poised to make a positive impact within the UK’s energy market.

For more information on Solar Panel Installations, please visit http://www.solar-panels.co.uk