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Solavei Offers Free 1 Month Service and Free Solavei 4G Sim to New Members Till 31st December


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Solavei, a unique mobile network with earning opportunities, is offering free one month service and Solavei Sim. This special promotion is open to all new members till 31st December. With combined savings of $78, Solavei is aiming at further establishing their brand and promoting the wealth possibilities that come along. Solavei’s 4G data, voice and messaging network is backed by technology from T-mobile.

The media spokesperson of Solavei, Mr. Ryan Hageman quoted on What is Solavei and what are its capabilities, “Solvei is a mobile network that enables the members to earn a recurring income and accumulate wealth. After thorough research in both telecommunication and business networking, I had an idea that could combine them both. This unique idea can help people create extra income without any hassle at all. With the boom of smartphones it has become essential to subscribe to mobile networks with the latest technology. Solavei is offering 4G connections which are supported by T-mobile. Hence, there is no degradation on the quality of the mobile connection. This allows the people to use a mobile network that is top-notch and will even allow them to make money. Overall there is no loss for the members. The earning opportunity comes from referring Solavei to other people. The amount of income depends on the Trios model. For every 3 members recruited there will be an initial payment and a recurring payment if all 3 members continue using Solavei. However, the ability to earn extra income when any Trios adds 3 more members underneath them and so on could result in substantial wealth.”

The company also provides a Solavei Ebook, a guide for new members to promote Solvei and start earning immediately. The company states that this eBook will introduce the new members to inside outs of Solavei and can be availed once the enrollment is completed. The company added that the eBook will be immensely useful as various tips and techniques on successfully adding other members have been used many a times resulting in productive results.

Mr. Hageman concluded on the one of a kind offer, “Solavei’s provision of latest technological mobile connection and possibility of earning a separate income is one of the most unique business ideas out there. The offer till the end of 2012 will cost the new members nothing and will give them an opportunity to test our service. We are excepting many new recruits this Christmas and are certain that next year we will be well known.”

About is the parent website of Solavei, a mobile network which offers earning opportunities. Through their online platform,, information regarding Solavei, payout plans, enrollment details and latest news on various smartphones can be viewed. Solvei is known as one of the simplest business models with ample possibilities of income irrespective of initial investment.

For more information about Solavei, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of, please call at 1-866-765-2834 or email at