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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- The Cell Phone Provider that pays its users monthly income for sharing Solavei with others. Solavei Arrival couldn't come any sooner for Americans trying to recover from the Great Recession.

What is Solavei – it’s a new mobile phone service that is unmatched. In partnership with T-Mobile, Solavei is be offering $49 unlimited voice, data, text, 4G nationwide, no contract! They rely on its customers to market Solavei and in return, shares revenue monthly with its members. "The company is changing the way Commerce is done thru what's call Social Commerce", says Anthony Coleman a Solavei Partner & C.E.O of

Unlike Walmart's AT&T-powered Straight Talk, Solavei runs on T-Mobile's 4G network. You can bring your own unlocked GSM phone (like, say, an AT&T iPhone), paying just $9 for a SIM card, or choose from around eight unlocked, unsubsidized handsets sold via GSM Nation. These include the Motorola Defy ($205), HTC Amaze 4G ($345), and the popular Samsung Galaxy S III ($575). (Interesting side note: If you use PayPal, you can get no payments and no interest for six months.). You can find the phones here

Talking about the no-contract offer CEO and founder of Solavei, Ryan Wuerch says, “We believe in giving our members access to the latest phones and wireless capabilities. Solavei not only gives it’s members the opportunity to pay less for unlimited mobile service, but even the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with others.”


#1 – What If I’m In A Contract With My Current Carrier? All carriers let you break the contract by paying an early termination fee (typically $100 – $200). Look at it this way: If you’re currently paying $120 per month for your cell phone service and with Solavei you’ll only be paying $49/month, that’s a savings of $71/month! By breaking your contract and paying the early termination fee you actually be SAVING MONEY.

#2 – Why Are The No-Contract Phones More Expensive? I hate to break this to you, but you’ve been duped, bamboozled, and penny pinched by your current cell phone company. It’s true! They shackle you a high monthly fee for service by offering you a free phone every two years. Hold on to something because I’m going to do some math that will rock your world:

Big Cell Phone Company (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) – Phone cost – FREE Monthly Plan – $120/month. SO….Total 2 year cost including phone and plan = $2,880.

Solavei – Phone cost – $300 (for example) Monthly Plan – $49/month. Grand total for 2 years…(drum roll please) = $1,476. That includes the cost of the “expensive” phone.

So, let me spell this out for you…

That “Free Phone” your current company is “giving” to you is actually costing you ($2,880 – $1,476) = $1,404!!! Did you catch that? You are getting hosted by your current carrier and they don’t think you’re smart enough to see past the bright shiny free phone. Well, now you know better. B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Phone) - -

#3 – What Kind Of Support Do You Offer Your Team? Honestly, Solavei is one of the easiest home businesses to grow into a large residual income because the product makes so much sense. But, there are a few tricks, tips and strategies that we’ve learned along the way to help you turbo charge your business. Exclusively available for those on our team we offer our “$1,000/month in 60 Day Blueprint” where we tell you all our secrets.

Remember, when YOU MAKE MONEY…we make money. So we don’t hold anything back. You’ll get all our best marketing and referral strategies.

The problem with most home businesses are that they are based on products or services that most people really don’t want OR…they are priced so high that people would be crazy to buy it through you. If you’ve tried some of these companies you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, Solavei has solved that problem. Our product is something that #1. People ALREADY use every day and…#2. They would actually SAVE MONEY by switching to our service. It’s a no brainer!

This company and opportunity is THE wave of the future…Getting products you already use at a better price and sold through social sharing. The only question is WHEN are you going to join?

Now or in 6 months?

The difference is if you join in 6 months is many of the people you know will have joined by then and they could have joined under you. Meaning you’ll be missing out on all that residual income.

But, it’s never too late to start. Click the button below to join the fastest growing team in Solavei today.

Solavei offers unlimited text, data and voice usage for $49 without a contract on T-Mobile network. Solavei pays $20 to customers for each ‘trio’ connection. Furthermore, company will pay you also for the people they sign up as well. It's like getting paid on your own Wireless Network.

This is a good thing that puts Solavei into strong consideration when choosing you next Wireless provider over just getting a free phone & locking into a 2 year contract thru the larger carriers.

You can only join Solavei thru an existing member and that's what's so exciting about this business model. There is simply a pre-registration process that is done online It’s a way for you to have access to company information as it’s released, be one of the first to get this unique service, and start sharing with others to grow your own Network, so your service can be FREE, and you can actually start making a considerable income.

On Solavei's network you enjoy the benefits of our blazing fast 4G services where you can browse the Internet and use voice services simultaneously. Solavei provides Unlimited Voice, Text and Data anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands). Solavei looks to expand to Europe later this year.

Anthony Coleman
@GetUnlimited - Twitter