Solidremote Technologies Limited

Solidremote Expands Product Range for Superior Business to Business Provision

Solidremote provides alarm companies, garage door manufacturers and more with durable RF remote controls, and has expanded their range of products to provide cutting edge services.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- A huge array of products now needs remote control capability. Beyond just the television set is everything from the garage door and home alarm system to the household blinds and even controlling substations, pumps and generators within industry. Solidremote provides the remote controls and RF relays that allow businesses to attach remote control functionality to almost anything, and has expanded their range of products to include long range RF remotes and up to eight channel relays for communal usage, making their products more applicable than ever before.

Solidremote primarily sell their products to other businesses, resellers and distributors. Their remotes and relays are manufactured to the highest quality in cutting edge Chinese facilities guaranteeing both build quality and affordability. Their latest range of long range remote controls can operate at a distance of up to a thousand meters, perfect for supervisors in industrial contexts who may have to deactivate or activate machinery on another nearby site.

Meanwhile, their relays now operate up to eight individual channels which can be programmed to individual remotes, enabling teams, groups, families or flat-mates to all be able to successfully operate things like garage doors and alarm systems without having to share remotes.

A spokesperson for Solidremote Technologies explained, “We are thrilled to be continually innovating the kind of products we offer and this latest expansion allows us to exponentially increase our applicability across a wide range of current and emerging target areas. As well as selling business to business, we also stock low cost compatible garage door remote controls for brands like ATA, BFT, Ditec, Nice, Came and more so that individuals can replace lost remotes without paying through the nose for an admin and restocking fee with their original provider. With this expanded catalog, we look forward to helping more clients than ever with their remote needs.”

About Solidremote
Solidremote connects resellers, distributors and manufacturers from around the world with affordable, Chinese-manufactured RF remote control transmitters. These remote controls are widely used by garage door and gate manufacturers, alarm system manufacturers and others who need an OEM provider for their wireless requirement. Their monthly output reached over 100K units in 2013 and has steady grown since then.

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