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Soling Will Release Four New Automobile Navigation Products


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2015 -- CID system has spread violently within the industry for long time. Soling, the national high-tech enterprise in IOV service industry, is going to launch four Pioneer products, attempting to take the lion's share in the whole China vehicle navigation industry. The transformation is about to come in China vehicle navigation market, and a heated fight is inevitable.

Since being listing company in June, Shenzhen Soling takes a big punch again. Four Pioneer products are going to push out in a serial way, which shows the ambition of swallowing the whole market.

Recent years, with the continuous increase of automobile holding number, people's conceptions about their consumption and driving have been changed. As a result, the automobile aftermarket reveals its gigantic power, especially the automobile navigation market which brings Soling, the representative of the national high-tech enterprises, the national fame and the great achievements. But at the same time, the low threshold standard leads to the motley market which gives rise to the flooding plagiarization and uneven products mixed. It restricts the benign development of vehicle navigation market. A market shuffle war is hanging over the hand.

As it was widely spread before that Soling, the industry giant, was going to regain the market and then to construct a healthy market and it had researched and developed several products secretly with an aim at shuffling the market. Such saying has expanded for long. At this moment, it comes again. In order to see what it is, the reporter visits Soling's headquarter in Shenzhen.

As what the reporter learned, after listed, the industry giant, Soling pays more attention to the product research, development and market expansion. It plans to push out four new automobile navigation products. Except the widely favored car intelligent large-screen multimedia navigation, there are two rearview mirror navigation products launched the first time. The reporter learns from the reliable channels that Soling's such marketing strategy has been carried out before listing, intending to take the listing chance to capture the automobile navigation market by virtue of its advanced technology. It proves that the saying is not groundless.

In a matter of fact, the debate about the automobile navigation market has never ceased. An expert who has devoted himself into automobile navigation for years points out that the most obvious problem of Chinese navigation market is the apathic brand consciousness and the lack of intellectual property protection, which causes that many enterprises hardly put time and energy to innovation, and as a result the plagiarization reduces the product lifecycle. Therefore, the market shuffle comes to be inevitable. He further points out that, this time, Soling's act should be what the industry and market expect. Maybe, it is a crowning calamity for some enterprises, but in view of the long-term development of automobile navigation, it is a lucky event.

The expert shares his new idea about Soling's launch of new products. He tells the reporter that such continuous launch of new product is indeed a rare thing which further shows Soling's strong researching capacity and unshakeable advanced position. For other opponents in the industry, Soling has enlarged the gap between itself and the chasers and captures the commanding height of the CID system.

In regard to such case, there are different voices as well. One comparative typical viewpoint is that Soling's attempt reduces the living space to those small enterprises. One navigation entrepreneur surnamed Li argues that the industry needs competition, but the abundant time and space are what must be given. He further expresses that Soling's quick launch of the four new products absolutely takes tremendous pressure upon them. The entrepreneur complains that not all enterprises hold such strong technical innovation capacity and such powerful capital as Soling. Soling's listing strengthens its giant position. In response to Soling's strong act, they don't have any alternative at all.

However, the author holds a different view. As the national industry 4.0 strategy proposed, self-innovation comes to be the new mark in the time, so the navigation industry is not the exception. Only competition can promote the industry's forward development; under the move of the giant economical wheel, only those who succeed in saving time can rescue themselves. Soling is the one that stands on the shoulder of the giants, whose movement may trigger the market turbulence. But what those enterprises relying on plagiarization and copying others fears is Soling's comprehensive strength and the enterprise strategic vision and creation. Hope more enterprises like Soling that depends on technology and creation to re-energize the national industry appear in China.

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