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Solo Marathoner Runs in -36 Fahrenheit Weather


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- It has been said that runners are insane. And Boris Fyodorov of Siberia might just be a little crazy. Fyodorov was actually disappointed temperatures were not colder for the solo run. Boris Fyodorov loves to run and wanted to run a marathon in Siberia, no matter what the thermometer said.

Fyodorov lives in the Siberian village of Oymyakon, which is considered the coldest permanently inhabited village in the world. Fyodorov was surprised that there was no marathon on the village, especially considering there are other cold weather marathons, such as the one that takes place at the North Pole.

Fyodorov did not have anyone else interested in running in the frigid temperatures, but did have an escort car for most of the race. Fyodorov would like to organize another marathon, with more runners and also real Siberian weather.

"I really want to organize next Oymyakon marathon in January when the air goes down to -50C or -60C," he said. That's -58 to -76 Fahrenheit, in case you're eager to sign up.

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