Solomon Kee Seeks $5,000 in Crowdfunding to Memorialize Legendary Performer Sammy Davis Jr

Mr. Davis a Night with Sammy is a Musical Meant for Broadway and Mr. Kee Means to Make it Happen.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- In the early 1960's Sammy Davis Jr was at the height of his career and he was considered by many to be the greatest entertainer of his time. Not only did he break down barriers in entertainment he also broke down racial barriers during the Civil Rights Movement. He helped shape America from the stages of Las Vegas to meeting with Presidents at the White House to discussing drug abuse during the Vietnam War. One day on a golf course with Jack Benny, he was asked what his handicap was. "Handicap?" he asked. "Talk about handicap — I'm a one-eyed Negro Jew.” This was to be one of his most famous sayings that best illustrated his life as he encountered one challenge after another and coming out on top.

He was eulogized quite rightly as not being a singer, or a dancer or an actor. That’s because he was all of those things and more; he was a performer. Even after being diagnosed with throat cancer he kept on performing. He couldn’t sing or act anymore but he could dance. And danced he did. Following his death, Sammy Davis Jr’s estate fell into financial turmoil. This led to Davis’ star being tarnished and all but forgotten; nearly lost in the mists of time.

This is what inspired Solomon Kee to launch his own on-stage musical performance honoring and memorializing this great man who no one should soon forget. Apart from his dazzling performances while keeping company with the icons of the world, Sammy Davis Jr. helped change modern society through his involvement with the civil rights movement.

About Sammy Davis Jr. Workshop
Solomon’s purpose is to reach out to the world and educate them about this all-but-lost part of history. He and his team are going to do their best to tap into that magic that Sammy brought everywhere he went and reintroduce it to the modern world. They want to reach out to the ten year old who just bought his first pair of tap shoes, to the 70 year old women who wants to reminisce to the music she grew up swinging to and everyone in between. People have forgotten what a gem we had on this earth and Kee’s job is to remind them.

Their crowdfunding goal of $5,000 will go towards a Sammy Davis Jr. workshop in New York City currently scheduled to run from February 2, 2015 February 6, 2015. This workshop is intended to attract potential producers and investors who can put their weight behind Mr. Kee in helping him his reach his goal in getting this production on Broadway. The public is welcomed to the workshop at all times.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on November 10, 2014

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