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EnviroVent Ensures to Provide Solutions for Mould in Home

Moulds are one such thing that gradually corrodes the environment, especially the ones at homes. Not only it weakens the very foundation of homes, but also has negative health impacts over inhabitants.


Harrogate, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Thus, to locate the source of such moulds, and eliminate them from their core, EnviroVent ensures its clients to provide them the best solutions for mould in home; http://www.homeventilation.co.uk/mould-removal-treatment.php.

The National Manufacturing Award winning company is an impeccable mould-buster and uses the highly-advanced and green technology for the same. “We”, states their spokesperson Steve, “are dedicated to the protection of our environment, local sourcing, creating and sustaining employment in the UK. Not a single product will leave our Harrogate factory unless it has been tested and approved to last the lifetime of the building it will be ventilating.”

Matching the essence of the Steve’s words is EnviroVent’s eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems that efficiently target the root causes of moulds, which is, humidity and condensation. Some of their highly effective systems for eliminating moulds are heatSava, Cyclone, ECO2 Loft, ECO2 Air, ECO2 Twin, ECO2 Air Twin and ECO2 Wall.

The company is further known to provide a full range of ventilation systems for damp problems, as well as radon (naturally occurring radioactive gas), Volatile Organic Compounds, and many other problems related to harmful homes’ environment.

Residents facing difficulties regarding their home’s environments can simply contact EnviroVent and the company ensures to send the most experienced and professional Specialists Ventilation Advisers. They are highly trained in carrying out home surveys and recommending the correct ventilation requirement, all complying with the current Building Regulations.

About EnviroVent
EnviroVent offers energy efficient ventilation systems designed to prevent all sorts of condensation problems whilst circulating fresh, clean and filtered air throughout the premises. EnviroVent’s units work by delivering fresh, filtered and clean air into the home, gently ventilating it using a technique called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). This method dilutes high levels of humidity and harmful household contaminants, creating a healthy all year round living environment.

Finding Solutions for Damp problems; visit http://www.homeventilation.co.uk/damp.php or call now at 0845 272 7807.