Somabar Automated Craft Cocktail Appliance Seeks Funding Support Through Kickstarter

Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance Somabar is the brainchild of Ammar Jangbarwala and Dylan Purcell-Lowe. They need to raise $50,000 via Kickstarter to complete the development of this kitchen product.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2014 -- Perfect infusion of liquor, mixers, syrups, and bitters is a must for making craft cocktails. Unfortunately, craft cocktails can only be made by hand following a rather complicated process. Somabar was created to help people make top class craft cocktails at home within just five seconds. Anyone can create mouthwatering cocktails just with the tap of a button, thanks to Somabar.

The functioning of Somabar involves the following simple steps.

- Download the Somabar app for iOS or Android.
- Connect to the Wi-Fi enabled Somabar.
- Fill the Soma-pods with the favorite ingredients.
- Enjoy the drink.

Instead of conventional bottles, Somabar makes use of specially designed Soma-pods. They have a friction-fit seal mechanism that helps storage of ingredients and easy detachment from Somabar. Once the button is pressed on the app, Somabar takes all ingredients and mixes them dynamically in precise quantities. This mixing is accomplished by a positive displacement pump, and it takes less than five seconds for Somabar to pour out delicious craft cocktail.

Ammar Jangbarwala and Dylan Purcell-Lowe have worked hard to develop a working prototype and are now ready to start mass manufacturing of Somabar. By raising $50,000 via Kickstarter, they are hoping to bring Somabar to the market very soon.

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The campaign will come to an end on Tuesday, January 13.

The official website of Somabar is

About Somabar
Somabar is the world's first app controlled automated bartending appliance created for the home kitchen. With its streamlined design, anyone can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect craft cocktail in less than 5 seconds.