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Some Callus-Removal Methods Safer Than Fish Pedicures


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2016 -- Salons with fish pedicures have been a popular destination for individuals who want to have a relaxing foot pampering experience. While it has been popular over the years, it can post certain health risks.

Some callus-removal methods believed to be safer than fish pedicures. There are many people who get fish pedicures to have their calluses removed. Unfortunately, this foot care procedure is not at all safe.

British scientists reveal that small nicks can be penetrated by bacteria, and this can potentially cause an infection. There are even healthcare specialists who consider fish pedicure as an unsafe beauty treatment.

Clients usually submerge their feet in a tank filled with water and fish, which are usually tiny toothless carp that feed on dead callused skin. Only the dead skin tissue is eaten by the fish.

Unfortunately, the process of detaching the dead skin be create some small cuts from the skin. Other cause of threat is that the fish tanks are usually filled with water that's not sanitized. The water tank could be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

The U.S. and British health officials have even released a warning for individuals who have open sore or skin cuts against getting fish pedicure. This warning is especially targeted to individuals who suffer from certain conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or AIDS.

One of the health concerns about this type of foot pampering experience is that there are waste products of fish in the same tank people soak their feet on.

According to British authorities in 2011, the Garra rufa fish were infected with Streptococcus agalactiae bacteria.the authorities investigated an outbreak involving bacteria and the fish, which were imported from Indonesia.

It is believed that this type of bacteria can potentially cause severe infections in the bones, joints, and blood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even reveals that fish pedicure has already been banned in 10 states.

Calluses can be troublesome, especially when they start to harden and thicken. There are those who cannot even wear their shoes because of the calluses. This is why people resort to measures that help them remove their calluses.

Having a relaxing foot pampering experience is considered to be one of the best rewards after a day or week's work. However, there are safer and much better ways to do it. There are electric callus removers available that are guaranteed to be safe to use.

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