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Some Crucial Factors About the Maintaining and Protection for Hair Extensions After Connection

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Qingdao, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Most of people should not know more about the caring tips after the connection with the hair extensions. In order to help consumers have long term maintenance and keeping for their beautiful hair extensions, the most popular online seller for CC Hair Extensions which web is would tell people some points for hair extensions maintaining.

Under the properly maintenance, the shape and quality of the connected human hair extensions could be kept for more than three months or so.¡± said by MS Lee who is the sales manager of the popular hair extensions online seller However, there are some points which people should pay more attention.

First, the comb which people used for daily combing should be in round shape and the width must be long enough. In the combing process, the force which people used for combing could not use excessive force. Otherwise, it will lead to hair loss. This is the very terrible problem and people should pay fully attention to it.

Second, the shampoo and hair conditioner which people would use for hair cleaning must be acidic. Otherwise, it would cause into the hair nature loss.

Furthermore, the long time exposure under the sun light is also very harmful with hair weave extensions the nature of the human hair extensions. This point would be easy to be ignored by people especially in summer season.

Fourth, most of women should usually use the hair hairdryer to dry their wet hair. In this case, people should let their hair extensions away from the hairdryer because the high temperature would cause into damage to the nature of hair extensions. On the other hand, people should not rub and grasp the root of hair extension when people are in the process of hair washing.

Fifth, the hair extensions should require regular caring and maintaining. If people purchase their human hair extensions from the professional supplier such as, they can send it back to supplier and have a regular professional cleaning. However, if people think that the sending back process is very boring, people can use moisturizing shampoo to finish the cleaning. People should first soak the hair extensions into cold water for few minutes and then change the water again after instillation of 2 drops of shampoo. After the cleaning process, the wet human hair extensions should be finally dried naturally at ventilated place.

On the other hand, people should also prepare the hand spray bottle for hair flexible liquid. The most troubled problem after the connection with the hair extensions should be the forbidding for wantonly hair combing especially after being blown by chaos wind. So, the flexible hair liquid should be much more convenient.

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