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Some General Guidelines for Resuming Activity After an Injury


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- It happens to beginners as well as the most seasoned athletes. Injuries can occur anywhere, anytime, and will often sideline individuals from their fitness schedule. Rest and recuperation are needed to give the body time to heal, though one can often resume their workout schedule sooner than once thought.

Recovery time varies depending on the injury. Returning too soon increases the risk of re-injury and the possibility of developing a chronic condition. Delaying a return to exercising for too long, however, can lead to what is known as deconditioning. Beginners can lose the strength and cardio endurance they’ve developed in as little as a month; in seasoned athletes, this decrease in fitness happens more slowly. Therefore, one should resume some form of exercise as soon as they are able, even if it is a different, gentler format.

General guidelines state exercise can start up again when one is free of pain, has no swelling at the injury site, and recovers their full range of motion. When these milestones are met, experts advise baby steps in working back to your full program. Begin by walking instead of running, attending a gentle yoga class over an advanced one, or take up swimming as an alternative to any high impact activities that were previously part of a routine. Once strength and cardio function has increased, and as long as the individual remains pain free, the previous fitness schedule may be resumed in a matter of weeks.

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