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Some of the Biggest Office 'Hang-Ups' Are Revealed: Safe Removals Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- A new study carried by the charity SPANA involving 2,000 office workers has revealed that a significant proportion believe their office environments are not necessarily the most productive. The research focused particularly on language; with the use of jargon or 'business-speak' appearing to be a feature which many people wanted to see their office move way from. 70% of those surveyed admitted to completely 'switching off' when their boss talked to them using business jargon for example. Yet the rise of work-related jargon could be seem as an inevitability in the digital age, where the internet can cause new phrases to be formed.

The study also showed that 15% of office workers themselves actually use jargon to try and impress others in conversation; though the number is set to fall further – already lower than those using business jargon five years ago. The move away from business jargon and people's increasing irritation with it reveals an age of more direct, efficient business practices which are easy to understand and accessible.

The focus on more accessible workspaces is making moves not just in the world of language, but in interiors too – with employers making increasingly big steps to ensure their office does not become 'outdated'. So out with the old and in with the new appears the attitude for2016; with some offices undergoing complete redesigns over the festive break and others relocating entirely in order to break bad habits.

Safe Removals is a prominent removal company in London which holds extensive experience in working with offices both to relocate and accommodate their storage needs. A spokesperson had this to say:

"It comes as no surprise that this survey highlights outdated practices in the office being seen as increasingly unfashionable. What we've noticed particularly is a trend for office spaces to be vibrant and direct; engaging workers and visitors, not alienating them! A number of offices are taking the opportunity to move in order to break bad old habits and embody a new ethos; relocating to a new site as an opportunity to revitalise themselves."

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