Some of the World's Best Selling Unicycles Offered by WheelGo in Europe

WheelGo has been producing electrical unicycles that offer good solution for people looking for an alternative to the mass transit systems.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Most of the people take the help of the common modes of public transportation system in their daily life. In most of the countries around the world streets are filled different transport systems and they prove to be really helpful for people who are regular travellers. There are various innovative modes of transport being developed today that prove to be helpful for short distance travel. These modes of transport are eco friendly and are a good alternative for the public transport systems. One of those innovations has been brought up by WheelGo that has come up with its IPS electric unicycle.

The main problem that comes up with cars and motorcycles is the problem of parking them. They increase the daily expenses of fuel costs and traffic congestions are also one of the biggest problems in daily commute. It is good to get a good alternative that can help in getting rid of these problems and IPS electric cycle is one of them. They tend to be versatile when it comes to getting rid of traffic and problems of parking a vehicle. This car does not require petrol and runs on electricity. People who are bored and tired of the similar modes of public transport should opt for the electric unicycles that are cost effective and can tread about 40 kilometres in 5p. This is little different from a bicycle and does not need to keep moving their feet. On hot summer days bicycles tend to be a burden as one needs to keep moving their feet and they are full of sweat. But with electric unicycles one can expect to smoothly travel through the roads and refreshed when they reach the office.

There are various functions that one looks for when they think of buying these innovative products. They should be easy to use and it is important that people get value for money. The product should provide them what they are promised and it should not lead to any kind of disappointment. The electric unicycle comes in two different models and is good when it comes to manoeuvrability. The two unicycles of WheelGo are named 111 and 112 and their primary components are the motor wheel, controller card and the high capacity battery pack.

The concept used in these cycles is somewhat a mixture of walking and using a cycle. One needs to have a good balance and lean forward to move the unicycle. Once the person puts forward momentum in these unicycles the pedals get accelerated and the cycle starts moving.

About WheelGo
WheelGo is a company based in UK and has developed an innovative unicycle. The company is currently selling these unicycles around UK and aims to provide the people of UK with an eco-friendly mode of transport that helps them in their daily commute.

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