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SongRegistration Offers Multiple Song Registration Packages for Songwriters and Musicians


San Diego, California -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2014 -- SongRegistration™, an internationally-recognized song and lyrics registration organization  headquartered in San Diego, CA, now offers two registration plans for musicians, composers and lyricists. Songwriters can register up to 4 songs at a time for just $29.95, or opt for the unlimited registration plan for $99.95.

In addition, SongRegistration's website, blog, and social media pages feature the latest music industry news and exclusive songwriting tips from around the world.

SongRegistration™ virtually pioneered the field of independent online music registration. And over the years it has established itself as a global leader in the industry. Its CEO is a U.S.-licensed attorney with more than 35 years experience managing law firms. So although they do not offer direct legal services, they provide the attention-to-detail, record-keeping know-how, and superior customer support you'd expect from a company with this type of legal background.

Best of all, their services provide certified documentation of all song content and tangible-form dates INSTANTLY. So immediately upon completing the online 5-minute registration process, one's  Affidavit of Registered Songs is delivered via both a printable online page and a redundant emailed copy. There is no waiting and no complicated forms. This process memorializes one's content and tangible-form dates – the two key elements in virtually all copyright disputes. So the sooner a songwriter documents his or her music, the better!

Meanwhile, all date- and time-stamped song content and registration documents are securely preserved in multiple-redundant storage facilities, available directly to the Song Registrar (or his or her attorney), in the event of a copyright dispute.

"Establishing evidence of one's copyright is vital for every songwriter, especially in this age of social networks and media sharing. Copyright law is recognized in more than 160 countries so there is no excuse for not doing so, especially when it can be done as quickly, easily and inexpensively as it can through our organization. And while the copyright process itself is automatic (and attaches as soon as original material is first put in tangible form without having to register the material anywhere),  the important thing is to document one's copyright proof as soon as possible after the material is created." These remarks come directly from SongRegistration's CEO. He also adds that the company has consistently earned an A+ rating from the world's largest, most prestigious business ranking bureau.

"Although many sites have tried to copy our website language and content, claiming they provide similar services, we are the only company providing secure SSL certification and the level of expertise you'd expect from an organization with our credentials and legal expertise. That's why we've earned the trust and endorsements from musicians and songwriters in more than 55 countries."

About SongRegistration™
SongRegistration™ is an independent music registration organization headquartered in San Diego, CA. It provides the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to document one's songs, music and lyrics and is used and endorsed by artists and music publishers worldwide.

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