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Songwriter Hears Conscious Calling for Music, Society Needs a Conscience Too

Award Winning Songwriter turned conscious company owner answers her own calling for the music lyrics too graphic and violent for today's young crowd


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- Milliea Taylor McKinney, started her adult life touching the hearts of others in education. Later she would pursue her life long dream as a songwriter, to finally get a break with her now friend Publisher, and Record Producer Marsha Brown, of Brandon Hills Music & Jandar Records. Taking home with her many recognitions, awards and a conscience.

Little did she know that her journey would land her in the lap of social consciousness in her pursuit to change the world through music and lyrics. Her quest to seek out support from those who understand the magic of music and lyrics to bring awareness to society that we as a society need to 'stop!' to listen to what our children are hearing. 'Graphic and violent content that not only is disrespectful but also, unacceptable for today's youth says McKinney'.

“What are we thinking? She asks, as parents what excuse can we possibly have that would allow us to stand idly by and watch our children be destroyed and used by the music industry through their artist to sell and market such garbage never in music history have we ever allowed a graphic, or violent, musical virus go untreated recalls McKinney.”

We need to have our morals and values clearly re- defined.

Modern technology, is only one resource that contributes to our underlying problems that are plagued and hidden in music through lyrics that clearly claim our youth in a poor attempt to call it 'a passing fad' when indeed it is a marketing scheme targeting our youth in the name of financial gain for corporate musical outlets that filter their music and lyrics out to youth knowing they will buy that which is not allowed...

So why then are America's children able to buy that which is not for the eyes or ears of minors who clearly do not understand the affect or influence that music truly has on mankind?

Milliea, and her conscience plan to keep fighting corporates, and law makers until she gets a valid answer.' McKinney, asks if I am willing to stand up for those youth who do not understand the outcome of choices they have not been groomed for or taught then please tell me where are our countries leaders and our societies youth parents and families?'

Love, is apparently missing in the world so troubled with pain but, there is hope as Milliea, has written a song she hopes will carry her message for change. The song ironically is called, “We Are Hope". So as long as we have humanitarians such as Milliea, we have one seed of hope that could blossom into a tree of change for all mankind.

Please feel the calling and support Milliea, and her team by 'Liking' them on facebook and by showing you care about children and their future musical eduaction as it does inspire us and design our future.