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Soothing Terra Expands Range of Essential Oil Carry Cases for People to Use Essential Oils on the Move

Soothing Terra has helped people keep their essential oils safe and accessible with a new range of portable travel carry cases that offer greater carrying capacity, more colors at the same great value.


St George, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Essential oils are a distillation of plant essences that become more potent as a result of their concentration – a single drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to more than 70 teaspoons of the dried herb. As a result, these can be used as a potent form of natural remedy for a wide range of health issues and complaints. Soothing Terra specializes in helping people make the best of essential oils, and has now expanded their range of portable essential oil carry cases to keep the vials safe and secure.

The new range of essential oils cases includes over eight different colors to choose from so individuals can easily identify and customize their carry case, or sort their oils into multiple color coded categories. The cases vary in size to carry a different number of 2ml or 5ml vials.

All the products on the site are listed with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions, clear pricing and ordering information to enable customers to buy quickly, safely and easily from the site. The products represent the most comprehensive range of carry cases to date, ensuring there is something for everyone.

A spokesperson for Soothing Terra explained, "These carry cases make it easy to use essential oils while traveling, but they also provide the best way of storing them at home, unzipping and opening fully to display all their contents for easy selection. Their robust, shower-proof material and thick padding make sure the oils are insulated from environmental factors, while the oils themselves have space enough to remain separate from one another within the case, so they don't knock together while moving. These are the perfect gift for anyone with a love of essential oils, and are one of the first purchases people should make when they start using essential oils."

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Soothing Terra was created to bring customers the best essential oil accessories to help them keep their favorite oils safe in everyday surroundings. The website has an extensive range of essential oil holders together with other accessories that will make using essential oils easier and more convenient. The site also has a regularly updated blog on essential oil uses.

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