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SOS Dental Teeth Whitening Launches Free Consultation with Fixed Price Estimate on Teeth Whitening

SOS Dental Teeth Whitening in Auckland, New Zealand is offering clients a free fifteen minute no obligation teeth whitening consultation which concludes with a fixed price estimate.


Remuera, Auckland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Teeth are far more than just tools for chewing food- they are a part of a smile, one of the most powerful expressions in social interactions. As such, people want to feel confident to flaunt a smile, and white, straight teeth encourage people to do just that. Teeth whitening services can often be expensive, putting people off from having the procedure, but SOS Dental Teeth Whitening offers a different experience. They have now introduced a free no obligation consultation for teeth whitening in Auckland that takes just fifteen minutes to get a fixed price estimate.

The initial consultation will examine the teeth in their current form and talk with the client about what their needs are and how many shades whiter they want to be. The fixed price estimate means that even if the procedure has to differ in order to get the client the result they're looking for, they won't pay a penny more.

The teeth whitening services themselves are painless and inexpensive, and can create great results in just a few sessions. Because SOS Dentist in Auckland specializes in teeth whitening, they are able to expertly execute the procedures with a minimum of fuss.

A spokesperson for SOS Dental Teeth Whitening explained, "We understand that some people see teeth whitening as frivolous, but secretly want a whiter smile. We want to make the whole process clear and transparent, and ensure people feel confident in trusting the price, which some feel is hard to believe because it's affordable. We do this because we want clients to get a great experience with us so they'll come back again and tell their friends. We look forward to meeting new clients very soon, and we can even fit our fifteen minute consultations in on the same day client's call."

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