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Soteria Aims to Ennoble Trivial Consumerism, Spreading the Good Word and Providing Food for the Hungry, All on the Back of an iPhone


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- It may sound like an impossibly ambitious task, but an equally ambitious company has gone into business with an unusual, person-centered rather than profit-centered model of trading. Soteria offers a wide range of iPhone cases in a variety of colors and styles, but all with Christian ethics and slogans to promote the word of Christ in a fresh and modern context. But actions speak louder than words, and so the company is also donating four meals for starving children for every phone case purchased from the online store.

Soteria currently sells four unique and distinct Christian iPhone 4 cases with a range of quotes and colors to suit any user. The cases come in under twenty dollars, so they’re already great value for consumers, as well as contributing money to charity. Soteria supports Rice Bowls, a charity that distributes meals to the neediest people all over the world, in countries such as India, Africa and Nicaragua. The religious iPhone 4 cases thereby make a direct impact on individuals dying needlessly from micronutrient malnutrition, making a Christian act out of customizing your phone.

The company has seen a great deal of initial success and is looking to add more phone cases in the near future, including cases for the iPhone 5.

A spokesperson for Soteria explained, “We hope that more businesses will realize that blindly chasing profit maximization at the expense of basic principles like morality and human dignity will lead us nowhere in the long term. We started our business with the intention to change the way we do business for life, and that’s why our priority is giving as much as we can from each sale to support charities doing great works overseas. We pray that individuals will be touched by our approach to the world of commerce and find satisfaction in helping others by helping themselves.”

About Soteria
Soteria is a website that is based on helping change the lives of children all over the world by providing meals for children in need. They sell Christian iPhone cases and have been in business for over a year, going from strength to strength as their product and message touch the lives of many new customers. For more information, please visit: